Google and Big, Goofy Milk Grins

Google and Big, Goofy Milk Grins

Midlothian mom, Kaci, tells her milk donor story




After Kaci had her second son, she found herself Googling “What can I do with my extra breastmilk?” She explains, “I was overproducing and ended up buying a deep freezer.” At one point, Kaci realized she might have to throw her extra milk away. She says, “I also didn’t feel right about selling it for profit when I knew there were babies who could desperately use it.” So, in July 2013, Kaci started donating to the closest milk bank to Victoria, Texas, Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin.


Kaci’s husband with Sarai

Since then, Kaci and her husband of 6 years, moved to Midlothian. After the birth of their third child, a daughter, Kaci started donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas (MMBNT). The approval process was convenient and included a telephone interview and free blood test.

Breastfeeding certainly had its challenges with all three of her children. Noah, her oldest at age 5, would never latch. Isaiah, age 2, always preferred a bottle and Sarai, age 1, struggled with tongue-tie and breathing disorders that made nursing efficiently nearly impossible. She ended up pumping for all three and is still exclusively pumping for Sarai.


Kaci’s deep freezer full of milk.

Bottles of breastmilk are so popular in her house, 2 year-old Isaiah has been known to secretly grab Sarai’s stash, evident by his “big, goofy milk grin.” Luckily, there is enough of Kaci’s milk for everyone, even the medically needy babies served by MMBNT.


Sarai, Noah & Isaiah

When asked why she donates to other babies, Kaci says, “Each time I have donated, I feel so happy and blessed to be able to have the experience of not only feeding my baby, but also helping other babies whose mothers aren’t able to produce. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes willing mothers to help other mothers in their times of need.”

We couldn’t have said it better. To become a donor or to learn more about Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, click here.







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Join a City-Wide Twitter Chat About Safe Sleep for Infants

Join a City-Wide Twitter Chat About Safe Sleep for Infants

At Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, we support “all things baby”.  Today, we want to help get the word out about a city-wide campaign in Fort Worth promoting safe sleep practices for infants. In conjunction with several local healthcare partners, Cook Children’s Medical Center is hosting a Twitter Chat on Tuesday, October 6 at 10:00 a.m. The social media event will enable pediatric experts to connect directly with the community, streamlining live communication, education and conversation.

dreamstime_s_41587907Parents can talk with pediatricians, labor and delivery nurses and breastfeeding experts about the best ways to keep babies safe while sleeping. Healthcare professionals will provide recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and address topics such as crib versus bed sharing, and the use of blankets, toys, pillows and bumper pads.

Participants will include: Cook Children’s Medical Center, the Center for Prevention of Child Maltreatment, Baylor All Saints Medical Center, JPS Health, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital and Alliance for Children.

UnknownWant to participate in the Twitter Chat? Here’s how:*

  1. On October 6 at 10:00 a.m., search the hashtag #safesleep on Twitter and click on it to follow the tweet chat.
  2. @cookchildrens will be tweeting out topics labeled T1, T2, T3, etc.
  3. If you want to weigh in, begin your tweet with T1, T2, T3, etc. so participants will know which topic you are referencing.
  4. Always include the hashtag #safesleep.
  5. To ask a question, tag which participant you want to hear from (for example, @cookchildrens, @JPS_Health, @BaylorHealth, @texashealth, @afc_tarrant).

     *you must have a Twitter account to participate




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North Texas Giving Day – It’s Here!

North Texas Giving Day – It’s Here!

Give Online Today Before Midnight

Baby breastfeedingNorth Texas Giving Day has officially started! Make a gift right now and help save a life through pasteurized human donor milk. Every gift of $25 or more will go further with more than 2 million dollars in bonus funds and prizes! Visit the online giving page for Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas:




preemie milk bottlesAs you know, Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas is changing lives every day. More mothers are learning about milk banking and how they can save lives. More milk is coming in the door every year for processing and pasteurization. More hospitals are ordering more bottles of donor milk to give premature and sick babies a fighting chance. More babies are being helped through MMBNT’s charitable care program, The Milk Money Fund.

15 million babies are born prematurely each year around the world. 1 million will die.* Help us help them.

For more information about Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, click here.

*source: March of Dimes

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North Texas Giving Day – One Week From Today

North Texas Giving Day – One Week From Today

Supporting Local Non-Profits Supports Our Local Community

Although North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) has been around several years, not everyone has connected with what this event is all about and how it positively impacts us locally. There are so many dynamic non-profits making a difference right outside your door.

The Independent Sector explains, “There are many kinds of nonprofits — the Internal Revenue Code defines more than 25 categories of organizations that are exempt from federal income taxes. But for most people, a nonprofit refers to what the tax code classifies as a “charitable” or 501(c)(3) organization. What separates a charitable organization from other types of tax-exempt organizations is its purpose: it must benefit the broad public interest. Common purposes of these organizations include “charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.”

northtexasgivingday-1426083994.1724-circle-logo2015What is North Texas Giving Day?  North Texas’ incredible generosity has broken the national record 3 years in a row! After last year’s national record-crushing 75,000 donations totaling $26.3 million, North Texas Giving Day is back with the hopes that North Texas will raise the giving day bar once again to benefit more North Texas non-profits. On September 17, 2015, donations of $25 or more can be made 6 a.m. to midnight to more than 2,100 certified nonprofits listed on Those donations will be amplified by more than $2 million dollars in bonus funds and prizes.  (Source:

When is NTGD?  North Texas Giving Day 2015 is Thursday, September 17 from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Where is North Texas Giving Day?  North Texas Giving Day is an online event that takes place via Non-profits with a NTGD profile can be accessed by a link specific to their organization.

How Do I Donate?  Visit this page on September 17 and search for your favorite non-profit or look for the link publicized by individual organizations (see ours below). Donations can be made via credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express). Print a tax receipt immediately and watch the live NTGD Leaderboard to see giving results. For more information, click here.

dreamstime_xs_2368617How Do I Support Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas and Help Sick Babies?  Of course, we hope you will choose to donate to MMBNT on September 17. Gifts of $25 and up will earn bonus funds and benefit our charitable care fund. Click the link below to see our donation page that will be accepting gifts one week from today:


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Making Breastfeeding Work at Work

Making Breastfeeding Work at Work


Moms at work with their babies at The Milk Bank in Indianapolis

At Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, we have been lucky to have a baby in our workplace all summer. Accommodating this concept is new territory for a lot of companies and organizations.  Janice Sneider O’Rourke, Executive Director of The Milk Bank in Indianapolis, shares her insight about why it has worked for them too.

Making Breastfeeding Work at Work: 5 Benefits of Babies to the Workplace

The idea came to me one Friday night in September. It was 2011 and one of our employees who was exclusively breastfeeding her 4-month-old baby had just lost her childcare and was scrambling to find adequate care that would allow her to maintain her employment with us.

“Bring the baby to work,” I said when I called her that night.

We didn’t have a formalized policy then like we do now, but it was the beginning of our commitment to supporting our employees in their breastfeeding journey. Since that time, we have welcomed two other babies into the office with their full-time and part-time working moms and have adopted a formalized “Breastfeeding in the Workplace” policy.

photo 2 (2)

Shaina, Director of Operations, brings her 4 month old son, Noah, to work at Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas in Fort Worth.

We commit to welcoming any breastfed baby at The Milk Bank within the first 6 months. We believe that every baby should have access to human milk including the children of our employees. We commit to making every effort to ensure our employees’ job duties will allow for the easy care of their babies and we trust that our employees will make the best judgment when it comes to the safety of their baby.

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week’s theme was “Breastfeeding and Work – Let’s Make It Work”. To celebrate National Breastfeeding Month, we’ve put together a list of the benefits we have found from having our babies with us at work:


Shaina says, “Bringing Noah to work with me is perfect. I can breastfeed, do the job that I love and get snuggles in between.”

  1. Our employees are loyal: We have found that our employees appreciate the extra time they get to spend with their baby and often find ways to work longer.
  2. Our employees miss less work: By being able to directly breastfeed, our office babies are hardly ever sick, therefore, our employees miss less work.
  3. Our employees are happy: Not just the moms who have their babies in the office but also the rest of us. There is nothing like a baby to reduce stress and frustration. A baby’s smile has the ability to lift the mood in an instant.
  4. Our babies are happy: You might assume that having a baby in the office would be a nuisance, but we have found that our office babies are happy. They very rarely cry and, in general, are content to be snuggled by anyone around the office.
  5. It’s the right thing to do: If a human milk bank cannot be baby-friendly, who can?

Janice Sneider O’Rourke, MPA, RD is the Executive Director of The Milk Bank in Indianapolis. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Bowling Green State University and has been a Registered Dietician for 23 years.  She received a Master of Public Health from IUPUI and spent over 11 years in public service with both the Arkansas Department of Health and the Indiana State Department of Health before moving to the non-profit sector.


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